i have been having a lot of issues sleeping and my mom thinks it's from work. i've been waking up every night multiple times a night and i've only been able to get 2-3 hrs of continuous sleep in. sometimes i end up waking up every hour. it's really annoying lol i end up waking up feeling awful and wanting to sleep all day and even when i lay down the same thing ends up happening where i only sleep 2 or so hours at a time and i an sleep the entire day and still feel tired. my meds don't help me sleep at all and my beddy bye sleepy time med doesn't even make me tired. it's getting on my nerves. oh and i always wake up and start thinking about how many hours i have left to sleep and if somebody's going to wake me up and at what time and whether or not i'd be able to nap later and for how long and at what time etc. etc. my dream last night was about a nuclear war and 15 missles were sent to the major cities of my country and mass flooding was destroying areas that weren't major cities and i was watching it all happen on the news with my mom and we were making jokes and nonchalantly talking about it all being destroyed. i didn't feel scared but i didn't feel okay i don't know how to describe it.


i have found myself with a case of the sick,,,, my dad wanted me to get a covid test so i did that this morning. i swear to god if i end up having it, instead of some bloke goin out to resturants, having parties, not wearing his fucking mask i'm gonna be a lil pissed. in the meantime i have been playing a lot of minecraft. i'm really happy steve got into smash bros he's tons of fun he looks so silly lol. btw i'm really sorry about lack of updates. i have things i need to add that are ready and pages i have the ideas and assets for just need to *make* them. but it's hard for me to sit down and work right now cause of the sick. i'm sorry i'll get to it once i feel better.